LHC Interactive Tunnel

The challenge in creating accessible public scientific demonstrations for advanced physical phenomena becomes most obvious when we try to explain inherently unintuitive phenomena at the quantum scale. Often, describing these ideas involves descriptions of strange behaviours governed by quantum mechanics. While exotic behaviours make for an interesting spoken component in science communication, it is greatly supplemented by interactive visual and physical parts.

The LHC Interactive Tunnel is one of the most recent additions to the Khwarizmi Science Society‘s science communication efforts. The interactive audio-visual experience by CERN’s Media Lab allows the audience to engage in fully immersive content about CERN and the science taking place there. Additionally, two new applications, Higgnite and Proton Football present the audience with an experience of the universe without the Higgs field and a football game about smashing high-energy particles into more fundamental ones, respectively. All while teaching the audience about the building blocks of the universe, the Standard Model, the Higgs boson and the ultimate nature of physical reality. The manual below details setup and usage:

Lahore Science Mela 2023

The Lahore Science Mela 2023, organized by the Khwarizmi Science Society, took place on 28 and 29 October 2023 at the Crescent Model Higher Secondary School, Shadman Lahore. The festival welcomed over 100,000 visitors, featured 140 exhibitors from diverse fields and organizations along with 23 stimulating discussions and workshops by international and national experts. The LHC Tunnel and LIT DISCO, with their immersiveness and augmented grandeur, were once again a central attraction at the festival!

Joao Pequenao, Head of Media Lab at CERN, was also welcomed again to Pakistan by KSS. He galvanized the public with an unprecedented passion for particle physics, science communication, and mentored the Tunnel demonstrators. Besides bringing many Swiss chocolates and heart-warming gifts, he also gifted KSS a Kinect sensor and helped significantly upgrade the LIT-DISCO this year!

See more about the KSS and CERN collaboration for Lahore Science Mela here

Eminabad Science Mela 2022

The Government Islamia High School No. 2 in Eminabad, a small town near Gujranwala, opened its gates for the Eminabad Science Mela to the people of Eminabad. The LHC Tunnel returned for display, proving to be a huge success.

Read more about the 2023 Eminabad Science Mela on the Khwarizmi Science Society website!

Lahore Science Mela 2022

The new and improved LHC Interactive Tunnel returned for public display in October 2022. Brought to you by the CERN’s Media Lab and the Khwarizimi Science Society, the exhibit based on the world’s largest physics experiment returned to the 2022 Lahore Science Mela.

For more information, pictures, and more, check out the LHC Interactive Tunnel on the Khwarizimi Science Society’s website

Shakargarh Science Mela 2022

The LHC Interactive Tunnel has been a key attraction at the Shakargarh Science Mela 2022, held at the Government High School Bua on March 24th. This event was a part of the Outreach and Learning With Cosmic Ray Muons, Augmented Reality And astrophysics Laboratory Experiments project led by Khwarizmi Science Society and LUMS, and funded by National Center of GIS & Space Applications (NCGSA) and HEC.

To learn more about the Shakargarh Science Mela 2022, visit the KSS page! Media coverage of the event has been curated in this playlist.