The Khalai Kachwa

Step into a world where the vast expanse of human knowledge comes alive, captivating the mind and the imagination.

A planetarium is a theater designed  to immerse its viewers into any media. A specially implemented projection system paints its encompassing surface with any media imaginable for a truly engaging environment for learning and entertainment.

The Khwarizmi Science Society, funded by the National Center of GIS and Space Applications has developed the Khalai Kachwa, as it is affectionately known. Its 4.5 m diameter dome reminds us of a tortoise shell, and its bright orange exterior invokes the Martian landscape.

The KSS first decided to make a mobile planetarium in July 2022 for the the 2022 Lahore Science Mela. The goal was to create a mobile planetarium which could be taken where ever high-quality immersive media experiences are needed. Much like KSS’s LHC Interactive Tunnel the Khalai Kachwa can accompany KSS’s science outreach efforts throughout Pakistan.

To date, the Khalai Kachwa has been deployed in the 2022 Lahore Science Mela, the 2023 Eminabad Science Mela, and the 2023 Lahore Science Mela.


Complementing the Khalai Kachwa is a media library with high quality educational shows covering a wide range of topics spanning the cosmos to the human eye. We believe in accessible media available to all audiences, which is why we dub all our shows into Urdu.

Here’s some of the shows we currently offer. We’re constantly adding to our library!

The Team

Dr Muhammad Sabieh Anwar
Abubakar Siddiqi
Shumail Siddiqi
Shoaib Shamsi