Celestron CGX 1100 EdgeHD

Celestron CGX 1100 EdgeHD The LUMS Department of Physics hosts an 11″ Celestron EdgeHD Schmidt–Cassegrain telescope along with a CGX mount. It is an F/10 telescope with a 2800 mm focal length. The EdgeHD comes with Celestron’s StarBright XLT optical coatings, and has superior flat fielding and coma correction compared with similar in-class SCTs. The […]

StellarNet BLACK-Comet CXR-SR-50 Spectrometer

StellarNet BLACK-Comet CXR-SR-50 Spectrometer One of the spectrometers we use at AstroLAB is the StellarNet BLACK-Comet-CXR-SR-50. The BLACK-Comet has a 16-bit ADC, a 50 µm slit, and can measure light in the 220 – 1100 nm range at a resolution of 2.0 nm. The BLACK-Comet has concave gratings and has no mirrors for greater thermal […]