Celestron CGX 1100 EdgeHD

The LUMS Department of Physics hosts an 11″ Celestron EdgeHD Schmidt–Cassegrain telescope along with a CGX mount. It is an F/10 telescope with a 2800 mm focal length. The EdgeHD comes with Celestron’s StarBright XLT optical coatings, and has superior flat fielding and coma correction compared with similar in-class SCTs.

The CGX is a German Equitorial type mount with a payload capacity of 25 Kg. Its quality belt-driven, spring-loaded worm drives ensure superior pointing-accuracy.

The telescope would be available to students for research and exploration. The scope is presently available for visual observation, and more equipment to expand its functionaity is constantly bring built and procured!

Find a full inventory for the CGX 1100 here.